What it means to love yourself

I used to think loving yourself meant that you were selfish and about oneself. That you were so full of yourself and typically found to be those who were extremely egoistic. I later found that loving yourself was not anything like what I thought. Loving yourself simply means what it states. That if you have the ability to love another with care and affection, that you too can love yourself the same way. With care and affection, you can admire yourself but not to the point of being full of yourself. Showing that you can love the way you look, feel, and think about yourself. I definitely had my own opinions about loving yourself that I really wasn’t giving myself self compassion or any self love at all.

  1. Saying you love yourself, does not necessarily mean that you do

I would say this all the time. People would tell me that I didn’t love myself. And I would think, why would you tell me that I didn’t love myself? Because I listened and believed that I wasn’t loving myself because people said that I didn’t show any self respect. I have always heard that people who didn’t love themselves were those who always “went around”. And I would argue and argue that I did love myself. I loved who I was and I wouldn’t show myself that kind of disrespect. But little did I realize, that either what I thought, or what anyone else was saying was right about self love. Respecting yourself for your own actions and learning to value yourself as a person. Valuing meaning, not allowing ANYONE to determine who you are or what you’re allowed or not allowed to do. Valuing your own opinions, heart, and mind. This means that you should simply speak for yourself. If you find that something you feel is wrong, don’t allow someone else opinion to dictate your own thoughts. Speak up and say it. If someone calls you a name or calls you ugly. Show them. Let them know. “That’s your own opinion. I have confidence in my own. I know I’m beautiful. Inside and out.”

2. Taking charge in your life and your ability to do it.

When I say by taking charge in your life, I mean that learn that you are you. And that you should love every aspect of you. Every lump and cellulite you have. Every gracious curve and every bit of acne. These bits of aspects define you. They give you a significance of uniqueness. Last year, my face was filled with acne. I mean it was horrendous. Well at least what I thought was horrendous. Until I started using a face wash that “clearly” messed up my face. I was in extreme agony from how much pain I was in. Physically and emotionally. My face burned to the touch and my self esteem was shot to the core. I would walk outside and it was so difficult to look at people in the eyes, because I could see what they were looking at. I stopped taking selfies of myself because I looked so hideous. I was like the infectious people on The Hills Have Eyes. It was disgusting. But 90% of the people who saw me, didn’t even know my story. And I simply just saw them as people who were disgusted by me. Until later I realized, that this was just a moment in my life. And that It was going to pass. That I have the ability to go outside and just walk in a store without issues. Without my insecure thoughts of what other people would say. Its having that step to be able to take charge in your life. For it to click in your head and say, “Hey, you’re still you. You’re still beautiful behind all that acne, and it will get better. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it. Or have to say about it. Or even if they feel bad for it. Its that you understand that you still love you even that it’s there. You’re still this great, kind hearted person.” And that’s what it means to take charge in your life. It’s continuing to learn to love you even through all the bull shit. It’s ok. Because people will soon define you by your beauty.

3. Insecurites Vs. Self Compassion

I would sit and pick at all my flaws about myself because I would see how beautiful other women were compared to me. I would sit and compare all the things that were so wrong about me to another in his photo. Yes, I did that. Because I would think, that these women, had so much self confidence and so much beauty to be able to show off their visual aspects of themselves. That they were the ones in the photos and the starlight in front every camera. And well.. I’m the one that was behind the camera. I did not create enough love to fill myself with security. I would look at myself and be completely cruel to my mind and my body. I would tell my boyfriend, how disgusting I am. Like just not taking care of myself, or I was overweight and I was disgusting, because I was never the models in his photos. But after 342343080234 mental break downs later, I realized that… My passion wasn’t to be the models in his photos. It was that, I was going to tell the story of my own models. I was going to be the person who was able to create these women’s love for themselves. And in order for me to do that. I had to start with me first. I had to learn to value my love for myself and be more compassionate towards myself. I was going to have to work on loving my boyfriend even for all his crazy adventures around models and that I was going to be the one to support his love for his own work. All while loving myself. That meant, I was going to define all of my inner insecurites. Realize that I was going to be in love with all of my flaws, my disgustingness, my shitty days, my ugly days. I was going to have to tell myself that I love me. And there is no one better than loving me. I shouldn’t have to compare myself to these models. Because, who knows what their own insecurities are. It’s all about having love for you. Being good to yourself. Not just your body. But to your mind. Be in love with your intelligence and your heart to influence. It’s all going to start with you, and learning to love you.

In today’s generation, bullying is cruel. It is a cruel cruel world out there. I would let people say all kinds of horrible things about me. And I would play a repeat in my head all day long. That even things that they said weren’t true. I still made myself believe them. And that’s how you end up devaluing yourself. Learning to not love yourself because of what other people said about you. Learn to let go of what other’s have to say, and learn what you have to say means more. It’ll pure yourself, your soul and your emotions. Be in love with you.

Why yearly goals are important to start the year


4 years ago on New Years Eve, I would prepare myself for a drunken night out. Or even a night in. I was never fully prepared nor did I ever make goals to challenge myself for the new year. I would wake up with a horrible hangover and laid up in bed all day struggling to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner. Most recently, 2 years ago, I decided I was going to quit drinking the night before the first of the year. I decided I was going to give up on starting a new year hung over and struggling. 2016 and 2017 were two of the most difficult years of my entire life. Granted that they were the most difficult, I found that starting 2017 I was going to make and plan my goals for the year. I started planning my entire year since October and decided on which were most important on my priority list. In 2017 I had successfully achieved every single one of my goals on my list. It was the first time I had ever accomplished something so meaningful to me in my life. It took dedication and trust in myself but I did it. I found through the course of the year, my goals for the year pushed me. And because of that, I achieved them. There are 3 main reasons why it is important that everyone should create their list of goals for the 1st of the year and how to keep that New Years resolution going strong.

1. Your goals define you.

If you have goals of going back to school, it shows that you value your life to learn and educate yourself further. If you have goals to make more money than you did last year, then it shows you are financially driven. Whatever your goals may be, it shows who you are personally and what means most to you. Without goals, you’re just someone who merely walks aimlessly. Searching for your next fix or something for you to do. Or another way for you to spend money on unnecessary items. Whether big or small, your specific goals enables you to be you. And gradually progresses you as a person.

2. Your goals challenge you to be more than what you expect.

You plan these goals and hope to achieve them by the end of the year. But sometimes we lose sight of the hard work and effort it takes for you to achieve them. We make these goals to challenge ourselves. And by challenging ourselves, means we are stepping out of our comfort zone. And guess what! That’s perfectly Aye OK! and here’s why. Without challenging ourselves we never get to where we want to be. Or have the things we want to have. Be the person we want to be. Don’t expect a change if you don’t expect to be challenged. It’s going to get tough. And it’s going to get ugly. But hang on! You will see the blissful end result you promised yourself all year long to see!

3. Goals anticipate change

You’ve already made it this far. You’ve laid out your main items on your list and decided whose going where and when it’s going to happen. Your goals are going to make or break you through the year. You’ve come to realized that this year you’re determined that you’re going to have financial freedom. Or you’re going to pay off that car a year early. Or you’re going to start that new hobby you’ve always wanted to pick up and start a career change. Regardless you’ve figured it out that this is going to change you. And everyone around you will eventually see it. Because you and the person next to you may be on two different clouds. You’ll start to realize that you’re going to move forward though because … well.. you’ve made definite plans for yourself. And no ones stopping you now. You made the decision for change by first making these goals.

Everyone needs a realty check when life cracks down. It’s up to you to deliver the drive to achieve your main focus. New Years resolutions don’t have to fail every year. Anticipate for goals and remind yourself why you chose to do it. Your annual goals will change your whole outlook on life and how you perceive it. How you feel about yourself will change and how you determine the positive and negative parts of your life and those around you. Defining goals every year will help you grow as a person. No matter how big or small the goal is. Make it your own accomplishment. It’s worth taking risks if you know that your goals are worthwhile.

It was a call…

It was a call… It was call for help. That I was hoping someone would be able to reach out and help me. But instead, every person took it as another form or way to see me fall on my face and embarrass myself. March 2016, someone did reach out to me. I hadn’t talked to him for a while, but he saw the signs. Him and a few others did, but he actually helped. I was sinking. It was more like drowning. I was drowning in deep sorry for myself. That I put myself and now a child in this position. I posted screen shots of text messages, of how emotionally and mentally abusive this person was to me. Not a single person reached out. No one wanted to be apart of it. No one wanted to have to deal with someone else bull shit.

For 4 years, I was slowly drowning. I called someone to help me one night. I was kicked out of my own home. A home with my name on it. The man sold or damaged every car that I owned under my name. Whatever benefited him. I had no where to go. My sister, denied me because I was empowered by this person. Mentally and emotionally. In March of 2016, I felt myself drowning. I was barely tip toeing on the edge of the sandbar before I knew I would go under. There were nights, I dealt with. Nights that I was thrown like a doll. Nights that I was cursed at and talked down to like a dog. Even as much as the words burden me, I tried numerously to stand my ground. Everyone saw it. But no one wanted to help. No one stood up to help… Instead, this person is your best friend. He is now your God, while you sit there and wonder what happened, even though you already knew.

I remember walking back into his friends house, at 7 months pregnant. After driving half way down the road back home with this so called of a man, belligerently drunk in my passenger seat. When the words slurred out of his mouth, “that’s why you’re a murphy hoe!” “That’s why KT didn’t want to have that baby because he thought it wasn’t his!” Swinging his arms wide enough to hit my stomach. “That’s why all the bitches love me!” As I’m turning the car around, he’s wailing his arms and I’m crying telling him he hit me. I pulled into the driveway of his friends new “bachelor pad”, and I walk in to his “sister” saying, “I don’t know how Nitha handles him. If I were her I would’ve left him a long time ago.” As I’m listening she turns around. “Oh, honey whats wrong?” As I’m telling her, his friends are outside looking for their drunk buddy.

I could hear him slurring his words as he’s coming inside the house. “She’s fucking crazy! I didn’t hit her! That’s my fucking baby!” All these people… so fooled… still so fooled… I’ve spent 20 months.. still fighting for not only my son, but for my life back. Because this so called human being has taken anything that we have to live a life of. Everyone, who I thought would be there to help. Was never there. Not a single soul. I was still drowning even when I left. It was like, being dragged around like a rag doll. Even trying to make a new life for myself, I was still being ripped apart by him. Because of one thing. And that was my son. The amount of love that he knew I had for my son, and he used it against me. The thing is, about this kind of narcissistic abuse. Is that, the court finds it difficult to

be able to over come these circumstances. I was so afraid that I was going to lose my son because of him. That I didn’t jump at every opportunity that I could take to walk away. And because of that, I was left with this. My son is now being tormented, by living in a different home every other week. He can not go to school like a regular child, because his dad refused to allow him to do so.

To him, this is everything he wanted. He wanted to see me drown and watch me drowning. And every moment I was capable of excelling, he would push me right back down just for me to remember that I belonged under the water to him. Because I was accused, of cheating on him. Because I sought to reach for help… If you’re being abused. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Whatever the cause may be. There is an open door somewhere. Do not let society judge you for this. Because they have never stepped foot into your shoes. Your life, is everything to you. Do not be afraid to stand up. Do not be afraid to let someone know. Even if that means to show everything. I

know my story sounds like a hopeless cause, because there are times I still feel that way. Every time I went to the police to tell them and show them, the amount of harassment I was receiving, it was like I was being turned down. But, it will prevail. There is someone out there, that can help you.

Seattle, WA: Pike Place Market

Last October, my sister and I visited my hometown of Seattle, WA. I will say that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities you can ever visit. With skyline buildings and the Puget Sound right at bay of the city coast. It’s a mesmerizing city. Although, my sister and I were there for family matters. We were still able to make some time for a little bit of adventure. Being the two sisters who love being lost in the city. It was blissful that we got lost in my hometown of Seattle, WA.

A must stop place in Seattle is of course, Starbucks. Seattle is home to our ever so popular starbucks across the world! So, what better place to have your soy latte than right in front of the infamous Pike Place Market?

The stomping grounds of shopping vendors and flying fresh fish from the morning catch. You’d expect a real stinky fish smelling market. But, Pike Place Market is actually really clean! My sister and I had a few hours (2.5 hours that is) before our flights departure back to Tennessee. So what better way to fill in our down time, but to explore the beautiful city of Seattle. Walking down the streets reminded me so much of when I was growing up.

We of course parked ourselves a few blocks from the Starbucks on Pike Place. Sat in front of the market and watched the vendors begin setting up their areas for shoppers to see their beautiful arrangements. These vendors were anything from gardners selling their fresh picked bouquets to fishermen still in their fishing trousers. They arranged their items in such a way that caught the eye of every shopper.

Bright colors of vegetables and edible arrangements. It was like being in a story book. The atmosphere wasn’t chaotic like as if you were at a flea market. Everything was so smooth and calming. You could literally smell the salt from the ocean behind the market.

One thing I absolutely loved about Seattle and pike place market, is the vibe. It’s really refreshing. The life there is definitely a one of a kind. It’s not like urban city like living in New York or Atlanta. It’s a very mellow and chill vibe. No one is in a rush to go places or in a hurry to get through traffic. Buses aren’t constantly stopping and people are walking freely.

I think that if ever given the opportunity to visit Seattle again, I would definitely like to spend more time around the area. I miss the feel and the life experience there. It’s a bit different from when I was growing up, but definitely lively.

10 things I wish I knew before becoming a mom.

At some point during our life as women, we can’t wait to become a mom. It’s the greatest thing that can possibly happen to a woman. Being able to feel the magic of your child in your belly for 9 months. It has its up’s and down’s of course. But who would’ve thought, that carrying this glorious little alien was going to make you change so drastically in your life. Today, you look inside a woman’s magazine. You see these beautiful and petite women. Showing these cute baby bumps and how they look great post-partum. You kind of give yourself these pretty high expectations after becoming a parent. Especially in those Parent magazines. You’re supposed to raise your kid “this way”. And “that way” harms the children  psychologically. I mean… really, we’ve set the bar pretty high for ourselves. After 3 years into this mom business, I finally conducted myself of this. Things I wish I knew before becoming a mom.

1. You’re going to be one hell of a mom no matter what the situation is!

I promise you, this is number one. Mom-to-be’s, new moms, experienced moms. We have all been there. We set ourselves at this standard that we need to and have to be this great mom. I wish I was told this from the get-go. That no matter what I was going to do or have done. I was always still going to be a great mom. We tell ourselves and have told ourselves before our little monsters. We have to be this super mom, to raise these great and amazing children. But to be frank, we are the greatest human beings to our off springs. Don’t make yourself be this monster zombie mom because you have to be that “awesome soccer mom”. Kids will love you no matter what. You’re their mom.

2. Post-partum depression is real.

Yes. And it is very real. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to be that 1 in every 100 or so women that had post-partum depression. But it happened. I wasn’t even aware of it until well. I had seperation anxiety from my son. But, there are ways to over come it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. I wasn’t well educated on post-partum depression before I even got pregnant. Nor did I even know it really existed. But, it’s better to know the signs when you know you aren’t feeling right. Ask for help. It will do you a world of justice.

3. Always prepare yourself.

I know, this is a give-me one. Honestly, always prepare yourself. And not just for baby, but for everything. For whatever life throws at you. Because the moment you find out that you’re carrying your little monster for 9 months. Is the moment the world no longer matters, but that little monster. Prepare yourself, financially, systemically, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Especially as women. Don’t set yourself up and leave yourself for granted.

4. Post-partum baby weight.

I keep telling myself I’m going to make time for me. A lot. Because I truly do need it. But when I actually have time for me and my weight, I’m so exhausted. There are moms who have gone through extreme measures to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy. That’s because they were before they became pregnant. Every mom gains a few extra pounds post pregnancy. It’s common. Don’t fret over the little weight. Because at the end of the day, you look at yourself and you look at the little monster you have. And realize, you were and probably still are nurturing that little alien. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to get through. And still trying to get through. But I just take one look at my son and remember that it’s something that I had to do for him.

5. Pajamas, yoga pants, and leggings are your best friends

I didn’t wear leggings or yoga pants after my pregnancy because I had this horrible looking muffin top already. But I definitely wore sweats and pjs a lot. And going to school after having my munchkin, I was wearing scrubs every day. I still am. Which kind of sucks. But believe it or not, I was in comfy clothes up until my son turned almost 2. I lost a little bit of weight and started wearing yoga pants and leggings again. I simply thought I was just going to get right back into my jeans. Nope! Not the case at all. You’re constantly running around, and all you want to do is be comfy doing it. I mean, why not right?

6. Parenting is not what everyone makes of it.

In today’s society, discipline means the parent gets in trouble for abuse. As in discipline , I mean some kids deserve a good spanking sometimes. When we were growing up, we had the clothes hanger, or when I was helping my sister with my nephew. It was the evil glare that really got him to put down whatever he thought he was going to get into. You’re going to parent your child. And you’re going to parent your child in the best way deemed necessary. If you are the kind of parent that wants to let your child run freely and knock down all the other kids blocks and be a bully. Then you be that parent. Because at the end of the day, the way how your child grows up is how they’re going to treat the rest of society. But don’t let what other parenting techniques fool you because they tell you “if it were their child”. You parent how you’re going to parent. But also ensure the safety and conscious decisions for these children.

7. There is no such thing as sleep.

A week after I found out I was pregnant, was the last time I had good decent sleep. And by decent sleep, I’m talking about a full 9-10 hours of sleep well beauty rested, and not a stress freckle in sight. When my son was born, I didn’t know what sleep meant any more. My sons’ father, did not get up for the life of him. When my son woke up, I was up. When my son slept, I was awake to clean the house, do laundry, do the dishes, meal prep, or cook dinner, pick up toys. And by the time I was able to actually take a nap. My son was up. But there lives a day that there will be sleep! After a few years that is.

8. Your bladder is uncontrollable.
I don’t think I can elaborate this anymore. If I would have known that I was going to tinkle myself a little every time I sneezed or coughed. I think I would’ve taken a little more precautions after my pregnancy. It’s a little ridiculous. I didn’t even think it was possible that I could do such a thing. And don’t even bother trying to hold yourself back from using the potty. I think I had more “almost near” accidents, than I’ve ever had in my life, after I had my son. You just can’t help it. Maybe kegil exercises!!

9. You’ll be your child’s #1 person no matter what.

I think this was something that was always hard for me to accept. Regardless if your child always asks for someone or is with someone regularly. Your child will always know that you’re the one that cares and loves them more than anything. You are their number one person they will run to even if they don’t really run to you. You are the one that they know will always be there for them. To wipe away their tears. To cuddle them to sleep. To read them books and stay up late to watch Disney movies all night with. You will always be their number one. And will always know you are mommy.

10. Motherhood prints its own picture for everyone.

It’s different for every mom. I always pictured that I was going to take my son to do these awesome things and he was going to be so well behaved and etc… but let’s be real here. Children are their own people. They have their own minds and make life a very brightly painted picture. Not everyday is going to be picture perfect. One day you’ll have poop on your hand and a screaming toddler. The next you’all have the most perfect little angel that belongs at the top of a Christmas tree. Not only that though, I always believed that I was always going to have it together. I was going to be that mom that made sure she was there for every event and every time period in her sons life. Motherhood isn’t the way how it always looks in the magazines. It’s different for every mom. So just trust yourself and let things how they’re meant to be.
Motherhood is full of different experinces. Whether good or bad, I don’t think I would have it either way. Even if I knew about it or not. Having to learn these things on my own, let me see motherhood in true form. Learning to love and adapt to your new life. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience through motherhood.

If you’ve had a few times you have thought to yourself, you wish you knew about before having children. And if you’d like to add to our list. Leave us a comment down below! We would like to hear from you and your travel through motherhood!

Top 5 favorite ice cream shops in Atlanta

If you’re like me, and you enjoy some good sweets. Then you know that ice cream shops are top priority when it comes to treating yourself with goodness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Ice cream is just… ice cream. Wrong! Ice cream from Walmart is just ice cream. But the best hand churned or creative mixes is AMAZING ice cream. Experiencing sweets and goodies in every direction. If you’re a local or just visiting the area, here are a few of my top  5 favorite ice cream shops that you must try!

#1 Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s is well covered across the country. It is also located in 3 parts of Atlanta, GA. Howell Mill rd., Krog st. Market, and Decatur. Before we moved to Atlanta, ice cream was just ice cream. This meant going to your neighborhood Baskin Robins or Dairy Queen. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream became a family favorite of ours. They have a large selection of different flavored ice cream. All hand crafted by the master minds at Jeni’s. One of our most favorite from Jeni’s is the Bramble Berry Crisp. I will admit this, Aston has a kick for every flavor of ice cream. Getting in on trying all the flavors before picking what you want first is a must at Jeni’s. They also sell their infamous ice cream in pints to take home.

#2 Kilwin’s

My 2nd favorite place to grab some of the most delicious ice cream is Kilwin’s. I absolutely love this place. Our first time visiting, we took our daughter and our niece before their trip to the Georgia Tech game. They have a huge selection of ice cream flavors to try from. My favorite being the Toasted Coconut with Chocolate. Kilwin’s is not your average stop and shop for ice cream though. Prepare yourself for chocolate heaven! They offer anywhere from chocolate covered pecans to a fountain of chocolate to dip your marshmallows in. Some of the most delicious chocolate to try. Kilwin’s is located in Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Ga.


#3 Queen Of Cream

If you’re looking for smooth, golden, perfect ice cream. Queen of Cream is your very best choice. This ice cream and coffee parlor is located on Highland Ave. in Atlanta, GA. Right outside the beautiful city. From standing outside of the ice cream parlor you can take spectacular photos of the city itself. Queen of Cream is one of few places in Atlanta that still hand churns their ice cream. With that being said, it makes them one of the greatest and most delicious places for ice cream!

#4 Honeysuckle Gelato

I know, it’s Gelato. Not ice cream. But still! Honeysuckle deserves to be on my list of top 5’s. Only because the first time I had Honeysuckle I wasn’t a big fan. It’s probably because I ordered the wrong thing. After a few visits and my most recent visit. I think I finally made my perfect match. Their Nutella flavor with their original vanilla bean is on point. I love it. Perfectly creamy and added some nuts and chocolate chips for the little guy. It was the perfect combination. Not too sweet and over bearing that we couldn’t handle it. But just right. Honeysuckle gelato is located inside Ponce City Market on Ponce de Leon. Try any or all of the flavors because once you find that perfect combination, it’ll make you crave for more.

#5 Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts is an amazing doughnut shop! But that’s another story. They don’t just sell doughnuts. Their ice cream is amazing. Their cinnamon toast crunch is a must try. I would probably give up my one doughnut to have a cup of their cinnamon toast crunch ice cream. Their doughnut shop is located in the heart of Atlanta right smack dab in the middle of Georgia Tech.

Looking for some good ice cream? Try out one of our top 5 favorites or if you have one you’d like for us to try. Leave us a comment below, because we’d love to try a new spot!

Amicalola Falls, GA

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Yeah! Burger

Atlanta has some of the best foods around. There are a few burger spots that I absolutely enjoy, and a few that I will only grab a good burger at. Yeah! Burger is one of my absolute favorites to drop in for a quick burger. Yeah! Burger isn’t your ordinary burger joint though. If you’re looking for high-quality and getting the pinch for your money on quality burgers. Then this is where you need to drop in. They offer grass-fed beef, bison, turkey, chicken, even veggie burgers! You can create your own or choose one of their most appetizing house favorites.

There are 2 locations in the Atlanta area. West Midtown and North Highland Ave.  Both locations are absolutely amazing. Giving that the restaurant is a counter service, they give your fast food joints a good run for their money. Yeah! Burger is a new modern day “fast food” joint, just with the high-quality meat and most favorable fries. The soda machines aren’t your average Joe either. Their soda pop dispenser has their very own made with organic cane sugar. So you aren’t fussing over the Mr. Pibb or Sprite, you sincerely get a taste of each bubbly.

One of my favorites is their Triple B. This burger is an organic bison burger with their Bacon Jam, caramelized onions, and organic blue cheese crumbles. I prefer a gluten free bun but there are different buns to choose from per your preference. Topped with arugula, baby spinach, bibb lettuce, tomato’s and avocados. I’m a veggie freak when it comes to my burgers. With a touch of ketchup to set it off.

We’re definitely up for trying new things when it comes to food. The Collard Wrap was definitely new for us. Kevin is all about being creative. He created his own burger with a turkey patty, cage free egg, bib lettuce, tomato and a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup. All wrapped up, snugly and tight in a collard wrap. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it.  But quite frankly, the most we enjoyed together was the Truffle Parmesan Fries. These are a must when visiting Yeah! Burger. A basket of fries is easily shareable between 2 people.

The fun food craze doesn’t just stop at burgers. Enjoy anywhere between a fresh kale salad or even their classic hot dogs with all your favorite toppings! Fries or not, their onion rings and the long list of sides are a must try as well. Yeah! Burger caters to vegans and vegetarians, which a huge plus in my books! This burger joint is family friendly and is very casual dining. Bring your family because they have plenty of family friendly nights. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and looking for a few spots to hit for a good burger. Vegan, vegetarian, or meat lovers, Yeah! Burger is a must stop.


5 Must Do Things at the Georgia Aquarium.

During the summer, our family loves to visit the Georgia Aquarium quite frequently. It surprises me that we have yet to get a yearly pass. As any 2 and a half-year-old would, Aston absolutely enjoys the Aquarium. Now that he’s a little older. He’s more aware of what the animals and fishes are (even though every fish is Dory), he takes more interest in the aquarium. It’s the most precious thing in the world when you see your child’s eyes light up when they see the aquatic waters. The Georgia Aquarium is an all indoor Aquarium with plenty of different species of fish and animals. Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater fishes, they have exclusive exhibits for both.

Our trips to the Aquarium are always the most memorable. On Aston’s first trip he was just a few months old. He had no idea what was going on, nor could he see any colors.

  1. The Dolphin Show


The Georgia Aquarium has so much to offer on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for a spot to cool down, sit in on their amazing Dolphin Show. The Dolphins do a spectacular job and plus if you sit in the first few rows you’re likely to catch a good dash of water from the stars themselves! The Dolphins are so well rehearsed and the trainers are amazing with the dolphins.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sit in on the Dolphin show this visit. With Aston inching towards his preschool years, he is more interested in touching the sea creatures and the seeing vibrant colors.

2.Tropical Diver

I was skeptical of course, because of how well Aston was going to do with all the chaos that was going on and all the bright colors. But he did absolutely amazing. He was so interested and never lost focus of the fishes behind the tank.The Tropical Diver is a must stop place at the aquarium. Especially for your toddlers and preschoolers. At this age, they love all the bright lights and the bright waters. Get up close and personal with different fishes from the tropical oceans. Between little eels and tiny sea horses, it’s a part of the aquarium you don’t want to miss.

3.Pet the Sea creatures

This was a first for me and Aston both. Although Aston enjoyed just sticking his hand in the water, it still amazes him. He was able to touch and feel how stingrays felt. See how smooth the baby sharks were. He was so excited to be a part of something while there. Upstairs has an extraordinarily large pool just for the larger stingrays. With guidance, the little ones are able to touch and feel the bigger stingrays.

4. Aquanut Adventure

Aquanut Adventure must have opened over the past year. When we returned for this visit it was pretty spectacular. I think I enjoyed it more than Aston did actually. Almost the entire 2nd floor has exhibitions for insects and underwater activities for kids of all ages.

5.Ocean Voyager

This part of the aquarium is absolutely spectacular. Being little fingertips away from the largest whale sharks of the aquarium, you find yourself on a walkway through the ocean. As you glide through on a people mover walkway, you’ll find yourself pointing at schools of fish and even waving at scuba divers! I personally think I enjoyed this part of the aquarium more than Aston did. Coming off from the people mover you find yourself face to face with the single largest aquatic exhibits in the world. With allowing children to stand up close and personal to the largest tank in the aquarium.

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do while passing through Atlanta. Or even just a day time activity with the little ones. The Georgia Aquarium has some great fun for everyone to enjoy. They also do promotion nights like their most recent event Red White & Brew. Check out their upcoming events to get in on some action!

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

Atlanta is known for its’ diverse taste in foods. If you’re looking for authentic foods or even a good ol’ American cheeseburger, Atlanta has got it. But, if you’re looking to fill your seafood cravings, Atlanta has got a good hand full of seafood restaurants that will keep you craving for more. Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House has been on my foodie bucket list for several months. Finally, a few weeks ago we were able to join in on the seafood craze. The atmosphere at the Memorial location brings you straight out from the city to the coastline.

The restaurant itself has the ultimate feel of extravagance to make you feel like you’re footsteps from the white sandy beaches. Sometimes it’s great to have that little ways away from home feel. Although parking was a little bit of a hassle, it still didn’t ruin my love for this restaurant. We parked about a block from the restaurant but this gave us the opportunity to enjoy the sun and enjoy our beautiful city of Atlanta. Upon our arrival, there was a slight wait. But that still didn’t stop us. Six Feet Under has this amazing app called NoWait. The app allows you to register your wait in line and notifies you when your table is ready. It also gives you an estimated wait time currently. I love it!

Six Feet Under has an immaculate menu. It’s not extravagant, but their beer menu is wide ranging. Bottled or Draft, they got it. From Cider, Ale, India Ale, Lager, you name it. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried their beer menu. This will have to be on my bucket list of to do’s. Mainly to at least try most of their beer menu. This also depends on location whether it is Grant Park or Midtown, they have a different selection on their beer menu. So if you’re up for trying new beers or really about trying all different kinds, Six Feet Under may be where you want to be. Their food menu, on the other hand, we did get to try.  

If anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE seafood. I can literally sit and eat crab legs, crawfish, oysters, clams, all day LONG. We started off with a light appetizer with Steamed Shrimp and Scallops that was based with black lemon pepper. With their homemade jalapeno tartar sauce and hush puppies. My goodness, did that set off our meal just right.  They also have their specialty appetizers that are namely; Spicy Rat Toes, Spicy Mouse Toes, Extra Spicy Dragon Toes, and Toe Jam. I know sounds disgusting, BUT I will say this, we tried their Toe Jam, which is a mix of all three, and I truly believe that they have this kick for jalapenos. And this may be one of their biggest specialties. For our main dish we ordered the Six Feet Under Steamer that was a meal for 2 people. We also ordered an extra King Crab claw, which was absolutely succulent, and an extra order of Fried Okra. You can’t go anywhere without ordering Okra. This meal has a combination of steamed seafood with Snow Crab legs, clams, mussels, shrimp,   oysters, corn on the cob, new red potatoes, sausages, and their amazing jalapeno hushpuppies. I seriously think that even just writing about it is making me hungry for more. They add their melted butter and cocktail sauce with horseradish on top that really gives it the kicker. Kevin and I had a real difficult time finishing this meal but we did it. I was surprised that we did and it’s probably because I was wanting to try it out so bad. But how can you go wrong with steamed seafood? It really doesn’t get any better than this.

If you’re looking for a great new seafood joint to try out, give Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House a shot. This place will have you continuously drooling for more. Along with their extensive list of beer to keep you wanting to try more every time you visit. I’m ready to go back honestly. If you have a another seafood joint that we should try out, leave us a comment below. We’d love to try a new place!





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