Top 5 favorite ice cream shops in Atlanta

If you’re like me, and you enjoy some good sweets. Then you know that ice cream shops are top priority when it comes to treating yourself with goodness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Ice cream is just… ice cream. Wrong! Ice cream from Walmart is just ice cream. But the best hand churned or creative mixes is AMAZING ice cream. Experiencing sweets and goodies in every direction. If you’re a local or just visiting the area, here are a few of my top  5 favorite ice cream shops that you must try!

#1 Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s is well covered across the country. It is also located in 3 parts of Atlanta, GA. Howell Mill rd., Krog st. Market, and Decatur. Before we moved to Atlanta, ice cream was just ice cream. This meant going to your neighborhood Baskin Robins or Dairy Queen. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream became a family favorite of ours. They have a large selection of different flavored ice cream. All hand crafted by the master minds at Jeni’s. One of our most favorite from Jeni’s is the Bramble Berry Crisp. I will admit this, Aston has a kick for every flavor of ice cream. Getting in on trying all the flavors before picking what you want first is a must at Jeni’s. They also sell their infamous ice cream in pints to take home.

#2 Kilwin’s

My 2nd favorite place to grab some of the most delicious ice cream is Kilwin’s. I absolutely love this place. Our first time visiting, we took our daughter and our niece before their trip to the Georgia Tech game. They have a huge selection of ice cream flavors to try from. My favorite being the Toasted Coconut with Chocolate. Kilwin’s is not your average stop and shop for ice cream though. Prepare yourself for chocolate heaven! They offer anywhere from chocolate covered pecans to a fountain of chocolate to dip your marshmallows in. Some of the most delicious chocolate to try. Kilwin’s is located in Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Ga.


#3 Queen Of Cream

If you’re looking for smooth, golden, perfect ice cream. Queen of Cream is your very best choice. This ice cream and coffee parlor is located on Highland Ave. in Atlanta, GA. Right outside the beautiful city. From standing outside of the ice cream parlor you can take spectacular photos of the city itself. Queen of Cream is one of few places in Atlanta that still hand churns their ice cream. With that being said, it makes them one of the greatest and most delicious places for ice cream!

#4 Honeysuckle Gelato

I know, it’s Gelato. Not ice cream. But still! Honeysuckle deserves to be on my list of top 5’s. Only because the first time I had Honeysuckle I wasn’t a big fan. It’s probably because I ordered the wrong thing. After a few visits and my most recent visit. I think I finally made my perfect match. Their Nutella flavor with their original vanilla bean is on point. I love it. Perfectly creamy and added some nuts and chocolate chips for the little guy. It was the perfect combination. Not too sweet and over bearing that we couldn’t handle it. But just right. Honeysuckle gelato is located inside Ponce City Market on Ponce de Leon. Try any or all of the flavors because once you find that perfect combination, it’ll make you crave for more.

#5 Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts is an amazing doughnut shop! But that’s another story. They don’t just sell doughnuts. Their ice cream is amazing. Their cinnamon toast crunch is a must try. I would probably give up my one doughnut to have a cup of their cinnamon toast crunch ice cream. Their doughnut shop is located in the heart of Atlanta right smack dab in the middle of Georgia Tech.

Looking for some good ice cream? Try out one of our top 5 favorites or if you have one you’d like for us to try. Leave us a comment below, because we’d love to try a new spot!

Yeah! Burger

Atlanta has some of the best foods around. There are a few burger spots that I absolutely enjoy, and a few that I will only grab a good burger at. Yeah! Burger is one of my absolute favorites to drop in for a quick burger. Yeah! Burger isn’t your ordinary burger joint though. If you’re looking for high-quality and getting the pinch for your money on quality burgers. Then this is where you need to drop in. They offer grass-fed beef, bison, turkey, chicken, even veggie burgers! You can create your own or choose one of their most appetizing house favorites.

There are 2 locations in the Atlanta area. West Midtown and North Highland Ave.  Both locations are absolutely amazing. Giving that the restaurant is a counter service, they give your fast food joints a good run for their money. Yeah! Burger is a new modern day “fast food” joint, just with the high-quality meat and most favorable fries. The soda machines aren’t your average Joe either. Their soda pop dispenser has their very own made with organic cane sugar. So you aren’t fussing over the Mr. Pibb or Sprite, you sincerely get a taste of each bubbly.

One of my favorites is their Triple B. This burger is an organic bison burger with their Bacon Jam, caramelized onions, and organic blue cheese crumbles. I prefer a gluten free bun but there are different buns to choose from per your preference. Topped with arugula, baby spinach, bibb lettuce, tomato’s and avocados. I’m a veggie freak when it comes to my burgers. With a touch of ketchup to set it off.

We’re definitely up for trying new things when it comes to food. The Collard Wrap was definitely new for us. Kevin is all about being creative. He created his own burger with a turkey patty, cage free egg, bib lettuce, tomato and a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup. All wrapped up, snugly and tight in a collard wrap. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it.  But quite frankly, the most we enjoyed together was the Truffle Parmesan Fries. These are a must when visiting Yeah! Burger. A basket of fries is easily shareable between 2 people.

The fun food craze doesn’t just stop at burgers. Enjoy anywhere between a fresh kale salad or even their classic hot dogs with all your favorite toppings! Fries or not, their onion rings and the long list of sides are a must try as well. Yeah! Burger caters to vegans and vegetarians, which a huge plus in my books! This burger joint is family friendly and is very casual dining. Bring your family because they have plenty of family friendly nights. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and looking for a few spots to hit for a good burger. Vegan, vegetarian, or meat lovers, Yeah! Burger is a must stop.


Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

Atlanta is known for its’ diverse taste in foods. If you’re looking for authentic foods or even a good ol’ American cheeseburger, Atlanta has got it. But, if you’re looking to fill your seafood cravings, Atlanta has got a good hand full of seafood restaurants that will keep you craving for more. Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House has been on my foodie bucket list for several months. Finally, a few weeks ago we were able to join in on the seafood craze. The atmosphere at the Memorial location brings you straight out from the city to the coastline.

The restaurant itself has the ultimate feel of extravagance to make you feel like you’re footsteps from the white sandy beaches. Sometimes it’s great to have that little ways away from home feel. Although parking was a little bit of a hassle, it still didn’t ruin my love for this restaurant. We parked about a block from the restaurant but this gave us the opportunity to enjoy the sun and enjoy our beautiful city of Atlanta. Upon our arrival, there was a slight wait. But that still didn’t stop us. Six Feet Under has this amazing app called NoWait. The app allows you to register your wait in line and notifies you when your table is ready. It also gives you an estimated wait time currently. I love it!

Six Feet Under has an immaculate menu. It’s not extravagant, but their beer menu is wide ranging. Bottled or Draft, they got it. From Cider, Ale, India Ale, Lager, you name it. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried their beer menu. This will have to be on my bucket list of to do’s. Mainly to at least try most of their beer menu. This also depends on location whether it is Grant Park or Midtown, they have a different selection on their beer menu. So if you’re up for trying new beers or really about trying all different kinds, Six Feet Under may be where you want to be. Their food menu, on the other hand, we did get to try.  

If anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE seafood. I can literally sit and eat crab legs, crawfish, oysters, clams, all day LONG. We started off with a light appetizer with Steamed Shrimp and Scallops that was based with black lemon pepper. With their homemade jalapeno tartar sauce and hush puppies. My goodness, did that set off our meal just right.  They also have their specialty appetizers that are namely; Spicy Rat Toes, Spicy Mouse Toes, Extra Spicy Dragon Toes, and Toe Jam. I know sounds disgusting, BUT I will say this, we tried their Toe Jam, which is a mix of all three, and I truly believe that they have this kick for jalapenos. And this may be one of their biggest specialties. For our main dish we ordered the Six Feet Under Steamer that was a meal for 2 people. We also ordered an extra King Crab claw, which was absolutely succulent, and an extra order of Fried Okra. You can’t go anywhere without ordering Okra. This meal has a combination of steamed seafood with Snow Crab legs, clams, mussels, shrimp,   oysters, corn on the cob, new red potatoes, sausages, and their amazing jalapeno hushpuppies. I seriously think that even just writing about it is making me hungry for more. They add their melted butter and cocktail sauce with horseradish on top that really gives it the kicker. Kevin and I had a real difficult time finishing this meal but we did it. I was surprised that we did and it’s probably because I was wanting to try it out so bad. But how can you go wrong with steamed seafood? It really doesn’t get any better than this.

If you’re looking for a great new seafood joint to try out, give Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House a shot. This place will have you continuously drooling for more. Along with their extensive list of beer to keep you wanting to try more every time you visit. I’m ready to go back honestly. If you have a another seafood joint that we should try out, leave us a comment below. We’d love to try a new place!