Seattle, WA: Pike Place Market

Last October, my sister and I visited my hometown of Seattle, WA. I will say that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities you can ever visit. With skyline buildings and the Puget Sound right at bay of the city coast. It’s a mesmerizing city. Although, my sister and I were there for family matters. We were still able to make some time for a little bit of adventure. Being the two sisters who love being lost in the city. It was blissful that we got lost in my hometown of Seattle, WA.

A must stop place in Seattle is of course, Starbucks. Seattle is home to our ever so popular starbucks across the world! So, what better place to have your soy latte than right in front of the infamous Pike Place Market?

The stomping grounds of shopping vendors and flying fresh fish from the morning catch. You’d expect a real stinky fish smelling market. But, Pike Place Market is actually really clean! My sister and I had a few hours (2.5 hours that is) before our flights departure back to Tennessee. So what better way to fill in our down time, but to explore the beautiful city of Seattle. Walking down the streets reminded me so much of when I was growing up.

We of course parked ourselves a few blocks from the Starbucks on Pike Place. Sat in front of the market and watched the vendors begin setting up their areas for shoppers to see their beautiful arrangements. These vendors were anything from gardners selling their fresh picked bouquets to fishermen still in their fishing trousers. They arranged their items in such a way that caught the eye of every shopper.

Bright colors of vegetables and edible arrangements. It was like being in a story book. The atmosphere wasn’t chaotic like as if you were at a flea market. Everything was so smooth and calming. You could literally smell the salt from the ocean behind the market.

One thing I absolutely loved about Seattle and pike place market, is the vibe. It’s really refreshing. The life there is definitely a one of a kind. It’s not like urban city like living in New York or Atlanta. It’s a very mellow and chill vibe. No one is in a rush to go places or in a hurry to get through traffic. Buses aren’t constantly stopping and people are walking freely.

I think that if ever given the opportunity to visit Seattle again, I would definitely like to spend more time around the area. I miss the feel and the life experience there. It’s a bit different from when I was growing up, but definitely lively.

5 Must Do Things at the Georgia Aquarium.

During the summer, our family loves to visit the Georgia Aquarium quite frequently. It surprises me that we have yet to get a yearly pass. As any 2 and a half-year-old would, Aston absolutely enjoys the Aquarium. Now that he’s a little older. He’s more aware of what the animals and fishes are (even though every fish is Dory), he takes more interest in the aquarium. It’s the most precious thing in the world when you see your child’s eyes light up when they see the aquatic waters. The Georgia Aquarium is an all indoor Aquarium with plenty of different species of fish and animals. Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater fishes, they have exclusive exhibits for both.

Our trips to the Aquarium are always the most memorable. On Aston’s first trip he was just a few months old. He had no idea what was going on, nor could he see any colors.

  1. The Dolphin Show


The Georgia Aquarium has so much to offer on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for a spot to cool down, sit in on their amazing Dolphin Show. The Dolphins do a spectacular job and plus if you sit in the first few rows you’re likely to catch a good dash of water from the stars themselves! The Dolphins are so well rehearsed and the trainers are amazing with the dolphins.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sit in on the Dolphin show this visit. With Aston inching towards his preschool years, he is more interested in touching the sea creatures and the seeing vibrant colors.

2.Tropical Diver

I was skeptical of course, because of how well Aston was going to do with all the chaos that was going on and all the bright colors. But he did absolutely amazing. He was so interested and never lost focus of the fishes behind the tank.The Tropical Diver is a must stop place at the aquarium. Especially for your toddlers and preschoolers. At this age, they love all the bright lights and the bright waters. Get up close and personal with different fishes from the tropical oceans. Between little eels and tiny sea horses, it’s a part of the aquarium you don’t want to miss.

3.Pet the Sea creatures

This was a first for me and Aston both. Although Aston enjoyed just sticking his hand in the water, it still amazes him. He was able to touch and feel how stingrays felt. See how smooth the baby sharks were. He was so excited to be a part of something while there. Upstairs has an extraordinarily large pool just for the larger stingrays. With guidance, the little ones are able to touch and feel the bigger stingrays.

4. Aquanut Adventure

Aquanut Adventure must have opened over the past year. When we returned for this visit it was pretty spectacular. I think I enjoyed it more than Aston did actually. Almost the entire 2nd floor has exhibitions for insects and underwater activities for kids of all ages.

5.Ocean Voyager

This part of the aquarium is absolutely spectacular. Being little fingertips away from the largest whale sharks of the aquarium, you find yourself on a walkway through the ocean. As you glide through on a people mover walkway, you’ll find yourself pointing at schools of fish and even waving at scuba divers! I personally think I enjoyed this part of the aquarium more than Aston did. Coming off from the people mover you find yourself face to face with the single largest aquatic exhibits in the world. With allowing children to stand up close and personal to the largest tank in the aquarium.

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do while passing through Atlanta. Or even just a day time activity with the little ones. The Georgia Aquarium has some great fun for everyone to enjoy. They also do promotion nights like their most recent event Red White & Brew. Check out their upcoming events to get in on some action!

Beach Trip in a Day; To Savannah, GA

With recent events, my fiance and I were able to take a quick day trip with our son. What better place to take a day trip that was 3 hours East of our home in Atlanta, GA. Upon our great adventure, we decided to take our 3 hour East coast trip to beautiful Savannah, GA & Tybee Island, GA.

I’m used to driving 3 and half hours every weekend, driving from Tennessee to Georgia. But driving from Atlanta to Savannah really felt worth the trip. Mainly because we were able to switch out my Toyota Camry for my soon-to-be mother in laws’ Toyota Sienna. I must have to say, that the drive was so smooth. I felt like I was literally gliding across the interstate. The amount of comfort that Sienna has is unreal. It is absolutely spacious in all aspects of the vehicle. Which had its pro’s and con’s for us. Because with us, more space, more places to put things, and the more cluttered things got. Although, it was perfect for Aston and his car seat. Aston’s Recaro car seat is huge as is and takes up so much space in my little Camry. I hate taking it in and out of my car because we have to twist and turn it to get it out.

But when it was in the Sienna. It was perfect. He wasn’t kicking my chair and wasn’t fussing or fighting with not being able to see anything. It was quite nice actually. For both him and myself. My Fiance, on the other hand, enjoyed the ride in the Sienna a little bit too much. He’s capable of falling asleep in the car regardless but he wouldn’t budge when he did fall asleep in the Sienna.

The Children’s Museum in Savannah, GA

We were able to make our first stop in Savannah, GA to The Children’s Railroad Museum. We’ve been to The Children’s Museum in Atlanta, GA, which happens to be one of Aston’s favorite places to be at other than the Georgia Aquarium. This Children’s Museum was an outdoor Museum, which allowed Aston to run freely. With all of the stress, this little 2 year old had, it was pure bliss for him. They have different activities for different age groups. The entire scenery was beautiful because the Railroad Museum gives it a historical touch.

Savannah, GA Children’s Museum & Railroad Museum


Aston found his love for playing down the slide with this ginormous ball. I thought was hilarious because he would walk up at least 20 stair steps, get to the top, let the ball roll down the slide, and come down the slide himself. He just loved to see the ball go down the slide. The things toddlers do. The Children’s Museum was absolutely wonderful for Aston. He had such a rough week with his new transition in visitations. It was nice to see him smile again after a rough few days. The museum also had a small garden area that Aston enjoyed. We had fun chasing after bee’s and looking at all the gorgeous flowers. There is also a small watering hose and sprinklers that the kids can play in the water with, so bring extra pairs of clothes for the tikes!


These building blocks were the cutest. Aston and I got to enjoy some time in the sun playing with these giant blocks building a huge tower and then knocking them over. Well, at least Aston knocked them over. Thus, The Children’s Museum was fun, we made the trip short and made our way to the beach. If you’re looking for something cheap and fun to do with the little kiddo’s, I suggest the Children’s Museum and Railroad Museum. The tickets were dirt cheap and their website also has some discount tickets. Groupon also carries some discount tickets if you’re in the area or locate the area for The Children’s Museum. We purchased our tickets on site for a whopping $7.50 per person 18 mo & older. Even though the museum is outdoors, the museum itself is gated and will require a code for during the time of purchase.

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island was roughly 45 minutes away from Savannah. Which wasn’t so bad at all. We stopped in for some gas right outside of Tybee Island that sold fresh produce. I wish I was able to stop in a take a quick snap of photos because it really was a cute place, but the little guy was falling asleep. The drive was absolutely scenic. We drove over the canal to Tybee Island and drove into a little seafood shake which was packed! So we decided to take lunch to the beach. We made it to our destination roughly around 2:30 PM. This still gave us plenty of time before sunset. I was able to pack 2 extra pairs of clothes for each of us and also some swimming trunks for the boys. We went to grab a few bites to eat at the Oyster House, which is a small pub on the strip of Tybee Island.

As I mentioned earlier, our son was having some visitation transitions so he was an absolute catastrophe during lunch. He needed a nap, but he wanted to play and not eat. So photography had to wait.  We managed to get him to settle a little bit and eat some popcorn shrimp and fries. (Read more on our food experience in our Foodie.) After lunch we walked our way down to the beach where I sensed Aston was loosening up a little more and felt a little more relaxed.

We spent a good 3 hours at the beach and on the pier. The boys got to spend some time in the water because the water was way too cold for me I got to sit back and enjoy the beauty of my 2 favorite people. Tybee Island, had it’s ups and down’s as far as beach wise. The area was crowded and it really was because it was around spring break for many college students. But we still had a blast. Just be out at the beach felt amazing and having a different perspective on life for a second. We live in the city where everything is so fast paced. While we were on the beach it felt like everything kind of just stood still. And I think sometimes we kind of need that in our lives. Especially for the little ones. Our trip was still spectacular even if it was for a few hours. Those few hours were cherished and to be able to see our son’s smile light up. If you’re looking for a small break away from the city or from your crazy hectic life, take a small day trip. It’ll relax the mind and ease your body a little. Life get’s too chaotic and you and the little ones just need a break. Take it out to Tybee. I wouldn’t have had it any other way for our day trip.

Have some other places that you may recommend for day trips? Drop a line or two in our comments because we’d love to hear about it and your experiences!