Yeah! Burger

Atlanta has some of the best foods around. There are a few burger spots that I absolutely enjoy, and a few that I will only grab a good burger at. Yeah! Burger is one of my absolute favorites to drop in for a quick burger. Yeah! Burger isn’t your ordinary burger joint though. If you’re looking for high-quality and getting the pinch for your money on quality burgers. Then this is where you need to drop in. They offer grass-fed beef, bison, turkey, chicken, even veggie burgers! You can create your own or choose one of their most appetizing house favorites.

There are 2 locations in the Atlanta area. West Midtown and North Highland Ave.  Both locations are absolutely amazing. Giving that the restaurant is a counter service, they give your fast food joints a good run for their money. Yeah! Burger is a new modern day “fast food” joint, just with the high-quality meat and most favorable fries. The soda machines aren’t your average Joe either. Their soda pop dispenser has their very own made with organic cane sugar. So you aren’t fussing over the Mr. Pibb or Sprite, you sincerely get a taste of each bubbly.

One of my favorites is their Triple B. This burger is an organic bison burger with their Bacon Jam, caramelized onions, and organic blue cheese crumbles. I prefer a gluten free bun but there are different buns to choose from per your preference. Topped with arugula, baby spinach, bibb lettuce, tomato’s and avocados. I’m a veggie freak when it comes to my burgers. With a touch of ketchup to set it off.

We’re definitely up for trying new things when it comes to food. The Collard Wrap was definitely new for us. Kevin is all about being creative. He created his own burger with a turkey patty, cage free egg, bib lettuce, tomato and a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup. All wrapped up, snugly and tight in a collard wrap. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it.  But quite frankly, the most we enjoyed together was the Truffle Parmesan Fries. These are a must when visiting Yeah! Burger. A basket of fries is easily shareable between 2 people.

The fun food craze doesn’t just stop at burgers. Enjoy anywhere between a fresh kale salad or even their classic hot dogs with all your favorite toppings! Fries or not, their onion rings and the long list of sides are a must try as well. Yeah! Burger caters to vegans and vegetarians, which a huge plus in my books! This burger joint is family friendly and is very casual dining. Bring your family because they have plenty of family friendly nights. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and looking for a few spots to hit for a good burger. Vegan, vegetarian, or meat lovers, Yeah! Burger is a must stop.


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