Seattle, WA: Pike Place Market

Last October, my sister and I visited my hometown of Seattle, WA. I will say that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities you can ever visit. With skyline buildings and the Puget Sound right at bay of the city coast. It’s a mesmerizing city. Although, my sister and I were there for family matters. We were still able to make some time for a little bit of adventure. Being the two sisters who love being lost in the city. It was blissful that we got lost in my hometown of Seattle, WA.

A must stop place in Seattle is of course, Starbucks. Seattle is home to our ever so popular starbucks across the world! So, what better place to have your soy latte than right in front of the infamous Pike Place Market?

The stomping grounds of shopping vendors and flying fresh fish from the morning catch. You’d expect a real stinky fish smelling market. But, Pike Place Market is actually really clean! My sister and I had a few hours (2.5 hours that is) before our flights departure back to Tennessee. So what better way to fill in our down time, but to explore the beautiful city of Seattle. Walking down the streets reminded me so much of when I was growing up.

We of course parked ourselves a few blocks from the Starbucks on Pike Place. Sat in front of the market and watched the vendors begin setting up their areas for shoppers to see their beautiful arrangements. These vendors were anything from gardners selling their fresh picked bouquets to fishermen still in their fishing trousers. They arranged their items in such a way that caught the eye of every shopper.

Bright colors of vegetables and edible arrangements. It was like being in a story book. The atmosphere wasn’t chaotic like as if you were at a flea market. Everything was so smooth and calming. You could literally smell the salt from the ocean behind the market.

One thing I absolutely loved about Seattle and pike place market, is the vibe. It’s really refreshing. The life there is definitely a one of a kind. It’s not like urban city like living in New York or Atlanta. It’s a very mellow and chill vibe. No one is in a rush to go places or in a hurry to get through traffic. Buses aren’t constantly stopping and people are walking freely.

I think that if ever given the opportunity to visit Seattle again, I would definitely like to spend more time around the area. I miss the feel and the life experience there. It’s a bit different from when I was growing up, but definitely lively.

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