4 years ago on New Years Eve, I would prepare myself for a drunken night out. Or even a night in. I was never fully prepared nor did I ever make goals to challenge myself for the new year. I would wake up with a horrible hangover and laid up in bed all day struggling to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner. Most recently, 2 years ago, I decided I was going to quit drinking the night before the first of the year. I decided I was going to give up on starting a new year hung over and struggling. 2016 and 2017 were two of the most difficult years of my entire life. Granted that they were the most difficult, I found that starting 2017 I was going to make and plan my goals for the year. I started planning my entire year since October and decided on which were most important on my priority list. In 2017 I had successfully achieved every single one of my goals on my list. It was the first time I had ever accomplished something so meaningful to me in my life. It took dedication and trust in myself but I did it. I found through the course of the year, my goals for the year pushed me. And because of that, I achieved them. There are 3 main reasons why it is important that everyone should create their list of goals for the 1st of the year and how to keep that New Years resolution going strong.

1. Your goals define you.

If you have goals of going back to school, it shows that you value your life to learn and educate yourself further. If you have goals to make more money than you did last year, then it shows you are financially driven. Whatever your goals may be, it shows who you are personally and what means most to you. Without goals, you’re just someone who merely walks aimlessly. Searching for your next fix or something for you to do. Or another way for you to spend money on unnecessary items. Whether big or small, your specific goals enables you to be you. And gradually progresses you as a person.

2. Your goals challenge you to be more than what you expect.

You plan these goals and hope to achieve them by the end of the year. But sometimes we lose sight of the hard work and effort it takes for you to achieve them. We make these goals to challenge ourselves. And by challenging ourselves, means we are stepping out of our comfort zone. And guess what! That’s perfectly Aye OK! and here’s why. Without challenging ourselves we never get to where we want to be. Or have the things we want to have. Be the person we want to be. Don’t expect a change if you don’t expect to be challenged. It’s going to get tough. And it’s going to get ugly. But hang on! You will see the blissful end result you promised yourself all year long to see!

3. Goals anticipate change

You’ve already made it this far. You’ve laid out your main items on your list and decided whose going where and when it’s going to happen. Your goals are going to make or break you through the year. You’ve come to realized that this year you’re determined that you’re going to have financial freedom. Or you’re going to pay off that car a year early. Or you’re going to start that new hobby you’ve always wanted to pick up and start a career change. Regardless you’ve figured it out that this is going to change you. And everyone around you will eventually see it. Because you and the person next to you may be on two different clouds. You’ll start to realize that you’re going to move forward though because … well.. you’ve made definite plans for yourself. And no ones stopping you now. You made the decision for change by first making these goals.

Everyone needs a realty check when life cracks down. It’s up to you to deliver the drive to achieve your main focus. New Years resolutions don’t have to fail every year. Anticipate for goals and remind yourself why you chose to do it. Your annual goals will change your whole outlook on life and how you perceive it. How you feel about yourself will change and how you determine the positive and negative parts of your life and those around you. Defining goals every year will help you grow as a person. No matter how big or small the goal is. Make it your own accomplishment. It’s worth taking risks if you know that your goals are worthwhile.