Why I started blogging

There are times when I have thought back to why I started blogging. There were a series of answers that really convoluted my mind. Because when I began writing, I didn’t just start writing because I had to. I wrote because it was my creative outlet. During my chaotic life the past year, I found a reason to why I got behind the keyboard to start typing.

I finally figured that one day, I was going to travel the world with my son. Take on new adventures every day and enjoy the blissful moments. I was motivated in every aspect of my life that would allow me to keep writing. I was in awe by every inch of life that I touched. Traveling was one the biggest reasons why I decided to start blogging.


Aston at Children’s Museum of Savannah, GA

Peace & Happiness to Travel

Traveling and writing would allow me to enjoy everything I loved to do and still make it my income source. Whether if it was to be at home and writing a short article, or be on an airplane to God knows where. Regardless, I had complete freedom. I would be able to stay with my son and watch him grow with every chance I received. I’d be able to enjoy all the prospects of traveling around the world. Seeing different odds of the world and enjoying the time shared with my son. I wanted to be able to film and photograph the luxary of our beautiful world. Be able to show others the life outside of our materialistic ways. Just to be able to grab my backpack and slip a few items in there and walk around let me live a little. Later, to be able to reiterate my visions and thoughts to those who aren’t able to see what I saw. It put another perspective on me to write even more.

My Sons’ prosperous life and future

My son has always been the reason why I have strived so hard in my life. In the past year, we have been through pretty much hell. It’s something I probably wouldn’t want to go through again. But blogging helped me throughout this past year with my crazy and stressful life. I was able to see my son grow this past year and get into photography and writing these new memories we cherished together. These memories shortly became art. An art that recited our new life.

Aston at South City Kitchen Midtown Atlanta, GA

When I started writing, I was fresh out of an overly mentally abusive relationship. My mind was clustered in thoughts and the best way for me to let go of somethings was to write. And I never once thought that I was going to be doing it as an income source until it was brought to my attention that I could make it a source of income. Not just a part time thing, but full-time financial freedom. I started reading multiple other blog posts and how to start your own blog. And I fell in love with writing 20 times more. Believe it or not, you are capable of making money doing the things you love to do.

Educational Expectations

I would never have thought that blogging was going to allow so many great things in our life. Until it opened up new doors for me in every aspect. I would be able to pick and choose my times of when I decided to work and when I decided I wanted to go to school. I was able to focus primarily on school, my son, and family, because writing did all the income for me. As soon as I started writing I put in my application to Georgia State University as a Biology major. I would soon be focusing on becoming a surgeon. And that was the best part about it. Was because For once in my life, I wasn’t worried about my next paycheck while going to school. It made things so much easier for me to just focus on my goals and dreams.

 I feel as if everyones reason’s are different. Different as to why they started writing. It takes dedication and strength to do what you love everyday. And everyday is an even stronger effort. What made you decide to get behind the keyboard and blog?

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